The 2022 ISBA
World Meeting

June 26th - July 1st, Hotel Bonaventure, Montreal, Canada

About The Event


About The Event

In June 2022 Montreal will be the center of Bayesian thinking in the world. The purpose of the meeting is to bring together the diverse international community of investigators in statistics who develop and use Bayesian methods to share recent findings and to present new and challenging problems. Montreal is a city where the world comes to meet and share ideas, a city that attracts talent from around the world and is known for the warm welcome it extends to visitors.


Hotel Bonaventure, Montreal, Canada


Sunday to Friday
June 26th - July 1st

Plenary Speakers

The list of speakers

Foundational Lectures

Speaker 1

Subhashis Ghosal

North Carolina State University

Speaker 2

Steffen Lauritzen

Univeristy of Copenhagen

Speaker 3

Adrian Raftery

University of Washington

Speaker 4

Nancy Reid

University of Toronto

Keynote Lectures

Speaker 1

Francesca Dominici

Harvard University

Speaker 2

Antonio Lijoi

Bocconi University

Speaker 3

David A. Stephens

McGill University

Speaker 2

Richard Nickl

University of Cambridge

Bruno de Finetti Lecture

Speaker 1

Mike West

Duke University

Susie Bayarri Lecture

Speaker 1

Pierre Jacob

Harvard University

The Program

The ISBA 2022 event schedule

Please check back as the conference gets closer.

Invited Sessions

  • Advances in Approximate Bayesian Computation
    - Cecilia Viscardi (University of Florida)
    - George Papamakarios (DeepMind)
    - Sirio Legramanti (Bocconi University)
    - Massimiliano Tamborino (University of Warwick)

    Advances in Bayesian Computation and its Applications
    - Tamara Broderick (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
    - Sally Cripps (University of Sydney and CSIRO)
    - Robert Kohn (University of New South Wales)

    Advances in Bayesian factor models
    - Daniel Kowal (Rice University)
    - Daniele Durante (Bocconi)
    - Claire Gormley (University College Dublin)

    Advances in Bayesian methods for complex data
    - Bora Jin (Duke University)
    - Francesco Denti (University of California, Irvine)
    - Gabriel Hassler (University of California, Los Angeles)
    - Giovanni Parmigiani (Harvard University)

    Advances in Bayesian modeling for functional data analysis
    - Lucia Paci (Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore)
    - Huiyan Sang (Texas A&M University)
    - David Dunson (Duke University)

    Advances in Bayesian modelling of spatio-temporal extreme events
    - Thomas Opitz (INRAE)
    - Benjamin Shaby (Colorado State University)
    - Mark Risser (Lawrence Berkeley National Lab)

    Applications and Extensions of Dirichlet process Mixture models
    - Gianluca Mastrantonio (Polytechnic of Turin)
    - Enrico Bibbon (Polytechnic of Turin)
    - Clara Grazian (University of New South Wales)

    Bayesian approaches for complex problems in causal inference
    - Arman Oganisian (Brown University)
    - Joey Antonelli (University of Florida)
    - Samrat Roy (University of Pennsylvania)

    Bayesian Concepts and Models for Multi-omics and Multi-study Analyses
    - Barbara Engelhardt (Princeton University)
    - Isabella Grabski (Harvard University)
    - Veera Baladandayuthapani (University of Michigan)

    Bayesian Deep Learning
    - Vincent Fortuin (ETH Zürich)
    - Andrew Wilson (New York University)
    - Yingzhen Li (Imperial College London)

    Bayesian design in clinical trial and some fundamental issues
    - Sujit Ghosh (North Carolina State University)
    - Sudipto Banerjee (University of California, Los Angeles)
    - Lindsay Berry (Berry Consultants)

    Bayesian experimental design for causal inference
    - Federico Castelletti (Universita' Cattolica del Sacro Cuore)
    - Julius von Kügelgen (Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems, University of Cambridge)
    - Jeffrey Miller (Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health)

    Bayesian Inference and sensitivity analysis for partially identified models
    - Paul Gustafson (University of British Columbia)
    - Jiajing Zheng (University of California, Santa Barbara)
    - Antonio Linero (University of Texas at Austin)
    - Alex D'Amour (Google Research)

    Bayesian methods for complex dependent data with application to education and psychology
    - Steven Culpepper (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
    - Jean-Paul Fox (University of Twente)
    - Xiaojing Wang (University of Connecticut)

    Bayesian methods for design and analysis of clinical trials
    - Peter Mueller (University of Texas Austin)
    - Satoshi Morita (Kyoto University)
    - Shirin Golchi (McGill University)

    Bayesian methods for local variable selection
    - Marina Vannucci (Rice University)
    - Jian Kang (University of Michigan)
    - Veronika Rockova (Chicago Booth University)
    - David Rossell (Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona)

    Bayesian methods for network data
    - Nathaniel Josephs (Yale School of Public Health)
    - Lizhen Lin (University of Notre Dame)
    - Arash Amini (UCLA)
    - Forrest Crawford (Yale School of Public Health)

    Bayesian modelling of human migration
    - Nathan G. Welch (University of Washington)
    - Emily R. Barker (University of Southampton)
    - Jason Hilton and Martin Hinsch (University of Southampton)
    - Arkadiusz Wiśniowski (University of Manchester)

    Bayesian modelling with Copulas
    - Vianey Leos-Barajas (Toronto)
    - Fabrizio Leisen (Nottingham)
    - Luis Enrique Nieto Barajas (ITAM, Mexico City)

    Bayesian Penalized Likelihood-Based Methods for High-dimensional Precision Matrices and Graphs
    - Tyler McCormick (eUniversity of Washington)
    - Jyotishka Datta (Virginia Tech University)
    - Noirrit K. Chandra (University of Texas at Austin)
    - Nilabja Guha (University of Massachusetts)

    Bayesian Statistics in Pharmaceutical Drug Development
    - Tony Pourmohamad (Genentech)
    - Paul Faya (Eli Lilly)
    - Dwaine Banton (Janssen)

    Bayesian structure learning in complex settings
    - Reza Mohammadi (University of Amsterdam)
    - Francesco Claudio Stingo (Università degli Studi di Firenze)
    - Stefano Peluso (Università degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca)

    Bayesian Workflow
    - Ingeborg Hem (NTNU)
    - Jessica Hullman (Northwestern University)
    - Suchi Saria (John Hopkins University)
    - Dan Simpson (Monash University)

    Challenges in random probability models
    - Fernando Quintana (Universidad Catolica de Chile)
    - Garritt Page (Brigham Young University)
    - Mario Beraha (Politecnico di Milano and Università di Bologna)

    Fast Variational Bayes approaches for high-dimensional problems
    - David Gunawan (University of Wollongong)
    - Luca Maestrini (University Technology Sydney)
    - Minh-Ngoc Tran (University of Sydney)

    Flexible dependence structures in Bayesian nonparametrics
    - Beatrice Franzolini (Bocconi U)
    - Michele Guindani (UC Irvine)
    - Steve N. MacEachern (Ohio State U)

    Gaussian Process Under Manifold Assumptions: A Promising Prior for High-Dimensional Nonparametric Regression Without Sparsity?
    - Cheng Li (National University of Singapore)
    - Ilsang Ohn (University of Notre Dame)
    - Nan Wu (Duke University)

    Highlights in Bayesian Analysis: Impact and Challenges in Applications
    - Sara Wade (University of Edinburgh)
    - Guilherme Oliveira (Centro Federal de Educação Tecnológica de Minas Gerais (CEFET-MG))
    - Marie-Pier Côté (Université Laval)

    Interventions in Complex Systems
    - Nora Bello (Ohio State U.)
    - Andrew Cron (84.51°)
    - Tim Au (Google)

    Inverse Problems: Practical Applications and Challenges for Bayesian Methods
    - Jonas Latz (Heriot-Watt University)
    - Matthew Berry (University of Wollongong)
    - Lassi Roininen (Lappeenranta-Lahti University of Technology)

    Junior advances in Bayesian treed regression
    - Vittorio Orlandi (Duke University)
    - Akira Horiguchi (Duke University)
    - Sameer Deshpande (University of Wisconsin--Madison)

    Latent Variable Models in High-dimensional Data
    - Georgia Papadogeorgou (University of Florida)
    - Weining Shen (University of California, Irvine)
    - Zehang Richard Li (University of California, Santa Cruz)

    Model-based clustering for complex data
    - Raffaele Argiento (Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore of Milano)
    - David Dahl (Brigham Young University)
    - Alessandra Guglielmi (Politecnico di Mliano)

    Model Uncertainty and Combination in Prediction and Decision Problems: Bayesian Frontiers
    - Ken McAlinn (Temple University)
    - James Mitchell (Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland)
    - Emily Tallman (Duke University)

    New Advances in Design and Analysis of Bayesian Causal Inference
    - Joseph Hogan (Brown University)
    - Xinyi Xu (Ohio State University)
    - Corwin Zigler (University of Texas at Austin)
    - Fan Li (Duke University)

    New developments in Bayesian econometric methods and applications
    - Sylvia Frühwirth-Schnatter (Vienna University of Economics and Business)
    - Sylvia Kaufmann (Study Center Gerzensee)
    - Herman K. van Dijk (Erasmus University Rotterdam)

    New frontiers in Bayesian graphical and network models
    - Abhirup Datta (Johns Hopkins University)
    - Mark Coates (McGill University)
    - Anindya Bhadra (Purdue University)

    On the uses of random discrete structures for mixture modeling and clustering
    - Li Ma (Duke U)
    - Giovanni Rebaudo (UT Austin)
    - Yanxun Xu (Johns Hopkins U)

    Optimal transport meets Bayes
    - Marta Catalano (University of Warwick)
    - Stephen Walker (University of Texas at Austin)
    - Nhat Ho (University of Texas at Austin)

    Perspectives on genelarized Bayesian inference
    - Alice Kirichenko (Warwick)
    - Jack Jewson (Pompeu Fabra)
    - Ryan Martin (NCSU)
    - Chris Holmes (discussant, Oxford)

    Perspectives on prior influence and sensitivity
    - Xiao-Li Meng (Harvard University)
    - Will Stephenson (MIT)
    - Noa Kallioinen (Aalto University)

    Recent Advances in Bayesian Causal Graphical Models and Functional Analysis for Imaging Data
    - Donatello Telesca (University of California Los Angeles)
    - Yang Ni (Texas A&M University)
    - Sharmistha Guha (Texas A&M University)

    Recent Advancements in Bayesian Methods for Statistical Data Privacy
    - Terrence Savitsky (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics)
    - Harrison Quick (Drexel University)
    - Claire Bowen (Urban Institute)

    Recent Advances in Variational Inference Methods
    - Michael Stanley Smith (Melbourne Business School, University of Melbourne)
    - David Nott (National University of Singapore)
    - Linda Tan (National University of Singapore)
    - Catherine Forbes (Monash University)

    Recent applications of scalable Bayesian inference using stochastic gradient MCMC
    - Ruqi Zhang (Cornell University)
    - Qifan Song (Purdue University)
    - Christopher Nemeth (Lancaster University)

    Recent developments in Bayesian education
    - Mine Dogucu (University of California Irvine)
    - Allen Downey (Olin College)
    - Ben Lambert (University of Oxford)

    Recent Development on Bayesian Information and Data Comparability
    - Yu-Bo Wang (Clemson University)
    - Lynn Kuo (University of Connecticut)
    - Ming-Hui Chen (University of Connecticut)

    Sampling state-of-the-arts in Bayesian computation for large-scale applications
    - Kelly Moran (Los Alamos National Lab)
    - Akihiko Nishimura (Johns Hopkins University)
    - Saifuddin Syed (University of British Columbia)

    Scalable Bayesian methods for dependent data
    - Deborshee Sen (University of Bath)
    - Rajarshi Guhaniyogi (Texas A&M University)
    - Sanvesh Srivastava (University of Iowa)

    Some recent works on Gaussian Markov random fields and related Bayesian methods for estimation, learning, and inference
    - María Dolores Ugarte (Universidad Pública de Navarra)
    - Marcos Prates (Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais)
    - Ying MacNab (University of British Columbia)

    What's new in sports analytics?
    - Luke Bornn (Zelus Analytics)
    - Alexander Franks (University of California, Santa Barbara)
    - Guanyu Hu (University of Missouri - Columbia)

    Geometry and dimensionality of latent representation models
    - Abel Rodriguez (University of Washington)
    - Shane Lubold (University of Washington)
    - Kate Calder (UT Austin)

    Bayesian statistics within mixed (qualitative & quantitative) methods
    - Daniel Harasim (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology)
    - Daniela Vasco (Griffith University)
    - Samantha Low-Choy (Griffith University)

Local Information

Event venue and accomodation

Hotel Bonaventure, Montreal, Canada

Iconic landmark of the city, the Bonaventure offers elegance in a unique setting in Montreal. Winner of several awards for its high level of quality and service, the hotel continues to maintain its distinctive personality and character.


Montréal-Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport

Located 20 kilometres from downtown Montréal, with multiple highway accesses, Montreal-Trudeau has recently completed a vast expansion and modernization program. Its world-class air terminal is designed to provide you with the most efficient, comfortable and safe airport experience possible. Equipped with the latest airport technologies, it also offers a comprehensive range of services to suit all tastes and budgets.


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